March 04, 2010

Flipping Fantastic: plot

This story starts with the conflict in Tristan and James. They’re about to leave school. They are very sad because they will be separated into different school, Tristan will go to Chesterlea Grange where as James will go to Highfields.
The climax in this story is when Tristan have the uncertainties whether attending Chesterlea Granger or not. Then, James talks to him about it. Then. James feels regret what he did.
The falling action is when Tristan Tristan tells his mother that he will go to Chesterlea Granger. Then, both of them are happy in the school that they attending.

*i'm not so sure bout this, plz do not rely too much on this.


Anonymous said...

kak chocomint,
kakak ambil suma information
ni kat lam buke ke?

cik chocomint said...

:) tak..akak wat sendiri..

Zaty Aty said...

akak wat la point die..!!!

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