March 04, 2010

Flipping Fantastic: synopsis

This story is set out in the form of diary entries by twin brothers and their mother. The story starts with the last day of primary school at Peter Hill where the twin brothers both acted parts in a school play. Tristan gets to play the leading character as Tom Sawyer, whereas James only got tiny role, and still he cannot do it. Throughout the diary pages, the thoughts of both the twin brothers, Tristan and James about their new schools that they will be attending shortly are reflected. In this story, there are also diary pages of their mother and it does reflect her thoughts on the behavioural aspects of her twin sons.

Tristan is not an ordinary boy. He is physically disable and is wheel-chair bound. He has always been pushed around by James or his mother. Both Tristan and James have opposite characters. Although Tristan is disable, he is very determine and confident, but James seems to be very shy and timid.

James feels that having Tristan go to a special school called Chesterlea Grange, where Tristan will be home only during weekends, is somewhat disadvantageous to him as he needs Tristan's help in Highfields, the new school he will be attending which is a day school for ordinary students. Moreover, he is shy and believes there is no one there whom he will be able to depend upon.

Tristan confused whether to attend Chesterlea Grange or not. Once, he visited the school, and he seems to like it, as the school provided swimming pool, and Tristan loves to swim. Every summer, they hold event such as the Paralympics. But, he doubtful about his decision to leave James. When his mother asked him whether he really want to go to Chesterlea Grange, he answered no. Later, he got confused and started to regret.

James feels concern about Tristan changing his mind. So, he has a talk with Tristan and reminded Tristan about things that they saw when they visited the school and how friendly the staffs were. So, Tristan finally changes his mind again and tells her mother that he wants to go to Chesterlea Grange. So, when the semester starts, James goes to Highfields and Tristan goes to Chesterlea Grange. Both of them are happy with their new schools.


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