March 04, 2010

Flipping Fantastic: theme

The main theme of this story is the close relationship between the twins, Tristan and James. This story portrait the dilemma between the twins that will be separated. Generally, as we all know twins are very close to each other. They share the same thoughts and feelings. They are closely related as James always pushing Tristan’s wheel chair. In James’s diary he stated that Tristan and him have always been a team wherever he goes Tristan goes. Tristan and James do provide comfort and support to each other. They have a symbiotic relationship. Both of them feel they need each other. So, due to their close relationship, they feel very sad about the fact that they’ll be separated into different school.

One of the sub themes is learn to be self reliant-independence. In this story, Tristan relies too much on James. So, when he goes to Chesterlea Grange, he can be independence. There is an example in this story when his mother said to him about going to Chesterlea Grange. “I know you’re clever and confident”, she said to Tristan when we first talked about him going away to school, “but you still rely on other people to do too much for you and it’s time you stood on your own two feet!” That’s why his mother wants him to go to Chesterlea Grange.

Another sub theme is sense of responsibility, to take care of another that may need assistance. This sub theme can be seen throughout James character. James feels responsible upon his brother, Tristan since Tristan uses wheelchair. This can be seen in James’s diary, which he stated that he can help him with his wheelchair, he can hold back the automatic doors, he can make sure that Tristan can get to the toilet when he needs to and he also can tell the teacher what Tristan can and cannot do in PE.

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